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If you’ve always wanted a product to promote and provide personal development for Entrepreneurs to Grow, Develop and Prosper just as the greats of our past have done like Woolworth, Ford and Carnegie, then our Affiliate and Reseller Program is PERFECT FOR YOU!

Do you want to partner with a company that has adopted the principals researched and taught by Napoleon Hill and considers Customer Care to be our Highest Priority?

  • Integrity-based Business Practices and Procedures
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  • True Added-Value to all Packages – Beyond Client Expectation

If those values resonate with you, then our Affiliates and Resellers Family IS the right ‘fit’ for you.

This service has been developed for Business Entrepreneurs, with a True Mastermind Spirit currently at any level of success – from complete business beginner or newbie to the long term advanced business owner – this course holds the master key to success, if the participant is ready to unlock the door to success.

Join our Affiliate and Resellers Family and start helping us help other Entrepreneurs NOW!

Affiliates and Resellers are paid on a very attractive 40% commission, so you will also earn very nice on going commission for the time that your referral remains on the course – we not only want to educate and share this amazing course with those who share the same Entrepreneurial Spirit, but we also want to reward you well for partnering with us in sharing this program too.

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